International Migration Law, V. Chetail

Book – International Migration Law – V. Chetail

International Migration Law - Vincent Chetail
International Migration Law – Vincent Chetail

Migration has been taken over by mass panic. Newspapers, television, radio, and social media all include stories on migration. It now dominates headlines to the point that no one can avoid hearing about migration on a daily basis.

The volume of information the public is exposed to in quantitative terms is not the primary determinant of migration’s pervasiveness. It’s also nourished by the sort of information delivered and the way it’s depicted in the media.

Migrants are frequently presented in terrifying and emotive terms as an uncontrollable mass inflow that threatens national values, identity, and security. ‘The international dread of terror has overlapped and entwined with the fear of illegal migration as a result of this effervescence.’ This familiar chant warns us that the rich West is under assault, and that the hordes are approaching.’

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